A Private Space for Ancestral Worship?

Digging a pit. Pit in the ground. The shovel, pickaxe and crowba

Singapore, being a densely populated city-state with limited land area, often sees grave and burial grounds being relocated or put to other uses. These ancestral worship grounds usually ended up being relocated to a columbarium with narrow walkways, often clustering and without any sense of privacy. This situation would worsen during peak seasons such as Qing Ming Festivals, when overcrowding happens, evoking feelings of discomfort.

Here are some of the reasons why having a private space during your Ancestral Worship would be greatly valued.

Respect and Reverence

Private space allows individuals to pay their respects to their ancestors in a personal and intimate manner. It provides an opportunity for reflection, prayer, or communication with departed loved ones without distractions.

Emotional Connection

For many, visiting ancestral graves/niches can be a very personal process and an emotional experience. Private space enables individuals to connect deeply with their emotions, memories, and thoughts about their ancestors. They could also grieve or simply spend quiet moments alone with their thoughts, fostering a sense of comfort and solace without feeling self-conscious or interrupted.

Cultural and Religious Practices

In some cultures, specific rituals or practices such a chanting session by Sangha are performed during these visits. Having private space facilitates the observance of these traditions without disturbance, ensuring the rituals/prayers are conducted with the necessary focus and solemnity.

Respect for Others

Providing a private/personal space for those visiting their ancestors also demonstrates respect for others who might have their own unique ways of commemorating their ancestors. It acknowledges the diversity of emotions and practices surrounding mourning and remembrance.

A Private Space for Ancestral Worship 2

An Environment Created to offer Individuals/Families a Private Space

Ultimately, it all lies in the ability to create an environment where individuals can engage in a personal, emotional, and sometimes spiritual connection with their ancestors, fostering a sense of reverence and comfort during a potentially solemn time.

Goldhill Memorial Centre features private booths and exclusive suites that allows individuals or their family to commemorate their ancestors behind closed doors. Do speak to us if you would like to take a tour around the columbarium where you could witness the privacy offered.