We are...

A New Vision

A team of veterans in the bereavement industry envisioned a heavenly destination that unites generations to celebrate the eternal bond of families. A quintessential space and rejuvenating atmosphere where ancestors peacefully rest and eternal blessings flow, Goldhill Memorial was born as a reality of their commitment to immortalize legacies and family roots by leveraging into cutting-edge innovations and exceptional experiences.

Our Vision

Honour and Filial Piety

To extend family legacies for future generations. Goldhill Memorial brings family together to honour and repay all the unconditional love and support of their ancestors.

Family Cohesion

To preserve identities built on family bonds. Goldhill Memorial connects generations and immortalizes legacies, moving families towards a hopeful future.


To spearhead a revolution in the industry through innovative technology and ambience. Goldhill Memorial elevates society’s perception on memorial services and ancestral worship through sustainability and progress.

Our Journey

  • Approval for
    Goldhill Memorial Centre.
  • Final Concept of
    Goldhill Memorial Centre.
  • Ground breaking For
    Goldhill Memorial Centre.
  • Goldhill Memorial Centre
    Show Room Is Ready.
  • Goldhill Memorial Centre
    opens its doors.