Constant evolution and breakthroughs are the essence of success and prosperity. Singapore’s economic history have testified to this statement, continually innovating. Interestingly, the columbarium industry has a different pace of progress despite the growing demand from the society. Singapore land scarcity and generations’ unmet expectations of memorial services drive Goldhill memorial Centre to pioneer a new age of columbarium service.

Goldhill Memorial Centre is presenting a leap of the industry’s evolution in Singapore.


The Future is Here

Goldhill Memorial Centre is the pinnacle of the columbarium re-defined. Offering a new reality of world class services with its fully automated system, Goldhill Memorial Centre presents an innovative solution to the generations needs and promises a luxurious 5-star hotel experience.


Premium Columbarium

In response to high need and demand, the industry procured a recent solution of optimal space saving and perpetuation of memorialization traditions. The development created a more comfortable environment for better experience of memorial service.


Government Columbarium

As a result, the government developed outdoors columbarium that systematically organizes niches into clusters in the hopes of optimizing the space to store as many urns as possible. As an outdoor location, visitors are vulnerable to weather conditions and seasonal crowds. Since it is a public space, visiting families are to share their space as they pray and honour their ancestors.

Goldhill Memorial Centre

Tombs & Burial

The oldest and conventional process, tombs and burials have gone obsolete as Singapore experiences land scarcity and gentrification methods. Many families must endure high costs for maintenance and long trips to the site to perform their memorial services.

Witness the Progress
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