Creating A Memorial Video Montage: What are some things you should consider including?

Memorial video montage serves as a beautiful tribute to honor and remember someone who has passed away. The montage is often a combination of photographs, videos, music, and sometimes narration to celebrate the life, achievements, and special moments of the individual. Not only does these videos help to preserve memories and evoke emotions, it also offers a way for friends and family to come together to reflect on the person’s life and legacy.

The following are some of things you should consider including into a memorial video montage:

Photos and Videos

First and foremost, gather a collection of photographs and videos that span the person’s life. You should include and highlight the different phases, significant moments and milestones of their life, such as birthdays, graduations, marriage, anniversaries and firstborn, etc.

If possible, organize the video in chronological order from childhood to adulthood or based on themes would be best.

Their hobbies, roles they played as a friend, spouse, parent, etc, and candid shots taken on their daily life would also works well for the tribute montage.


Choose music that was meaningful to the person or that reflects their personality. It could be their favourite songs or tunes that evoke special memories. If not, you could use any of these popular English songs that we have shortlisted for you to use in the memorial video montage:

1. Hallelujah

2. Amazing Grace

3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

4. Tears in Heaven 

5. I Will Always Love You

6. You Raise Me Up

7. Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox

8. My Heart Will Go On

9. Asleep by The Smiths

10. Auld Lang Syne

For those who are more religious, you may also select religious tunes/songs such as Amazing Grace or Hallelujah, prayers or chanting.

Narration or Voiceovers

In order to add a personal touch to the memorial video montage, adding narration or voiceovers to share anecdotes, memories, or quotes from family and friends would be recommended. This personal touch can bring depth and warmth to the video, bridging the generation gap closer.

Example of a voiceover could be:

Testimonials – Include recorded messages or interviews from family members, friends, colleagues, or anyone who had a significant connection with the person. These testimonials can provide heartfelt insights and memories.

Quotes, Poems and Literature – Incorporate meaningful quotes, poems, or excerpts from literature that resonate with the person’s life or character is a form of personalization.  

Reflections – Dedicate a segment for reflections on the impact the person had on others’ lives, the values they embodied, or the legacy they left behind. Consider ending the video with a heartfelt message expressing love, gratitude, and remembrance.

In conclusion, the overall goal is to capture the essence of the person’s life and the impact they had on others. Feel free to include and tailor content that personalize the video according to their unique story and the sentiments of those who will watch it.