A Comforting Environment For All Generations

An immersive and luxurious experience lies within the heart of Goldhill Memorial Centre. Featuring a subterranean green wall and pond which provides a touch of rejuvenation and enlightenment. Materials such as marble, alabaster & crystals are used in its furnishing, raising the bar of unconventional columbarium architectural designs.

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Private Suites

Goldhill Memorial Centre's Private Suites have that perfect tranquillity and privacy for a family to pay respect to their departed loved ones. Its classic and delicate décor complements the elegant lighting and intricately sculpted walls to accommodate fulfilling and intimate moments of reminiscence.


Amenities Layout

Ultimate privacy for smaller families

Room capacity: Up to 9 pax

* 1 niche box holds up to 2 urns

VIP Family Suites

Opening to an expansively majestic space, Goldhill Memorial Centre’s VIP Family Suites are suitable for big families experiencing cosy moments as they bond over ancestral legacies and honour their family bonds. Furnished with a living room layout, the Exclusive Suite seeks to provide an unparalleled experience to families always.


Amenities Layout

Ultimate Privacy for larger family

Room capacity: Up to 30 pax

* 3 niche boxes hold up to 6 urns

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Other Services


We have all the amenities you need for your ancestor worship. From burning incense in the designated areas to lighting candles, visitors are free to visit the site casually and comfortably.

Prayer Services

As a multi-faith columbarium, Goldhill Memorial Centre is able to provide prayer services for all religions. Speak to us if you would like us to arrange for you.

Relocation of Graves

Goldhill Memorial Centre is ideal not only for those looking for a new grave but also for those thinking of reburial. We can provide the support you need and guide you through the costs and procedures.

Funeral Parlour

Goldhill Memorial Centre has an in-house funeral parlour that is fully equipped to cater to bereaved families. The comforting environment offers family members, relatives and friends solace when they need to say their final goodbye to the deceased.

  • 24 hours funeral parlour
  • Fully airconditioned
  • Up to 100 guests
  • 24 hours concierge service available
  • Food & beverages option available

Funerary Services

As a 1-stop service provider in the afterlife industry, we offer advice and guidance for both traditional and modern religious / non-religious customs.

Live Streaming

Speak to us to learn more about our live-streaming services.

Learn more about our services

Our sales team will be glad to bring you on a tour around Goldhill Memorial Centre and share more details about our niche packages. Feel free to contact our sales hotline: +65 6250 8088 / +65 8428 0801 to book an appointment with us.