What is Zhong Sheng Ji (种生基) all about?

Digging a pit. Pit in the ground. The shovel, pickaxe and crowba

Zhong Sheng Ji (种生基) is also known as “longevity tomb” (寿墓) or “live grave” (生坟). It is a unique feng Shui technique that is widely popular with believers in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Malaysia. From the perspective of feng shui, connecting these three words together means “planting the foundation of life for destiny.”

There are many purposes of “Sheng Ji”, and people believe that doing it could enhance their fortune in terms of wealth, career, promotion, nobles, academic, love life and marriage, etc. Its construction is no easy feat and the first step you should do would be to consult a very experienced Master and one that is very attentive to details.

The reason is because everything from the site selection process, to the placement of the urn, to the selection of time and the completion of the Sheng Ji, must be matched to the owner’s Bazi, for the Sheng Ji to be fully effective. The process also involves burying items and personal belongings such as strands of hair, nails and used clothes, together with owner’s Bazi, which is symbolical of the burial of that person.

Although Sheng Ji (生基) is a false burial, the site must still meet the feng shui requirements in order to reap the good fortune and prosperity of the yin dwelling Feng Shui (阴宅风水).

These are the five factors that governs the choice of a yin dwelling:

1. Backed with Ancestor’s Hill 背靠祖山

2. Heaven’s Gate Must be Open 天门要开

3. Surrounded by Hills and Water 山环水绕

4. Ground Vault to Close 地户要闭

5. Sitting North, Facing South 坐北朝南

Celebrities who do Zhong Sheng Ji (种生基)

There are many celebrities who does Zhong Sheng Ji (种生基) in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to change their fortunes. These people include gambling king Stanley Ho, Nina Wang ’小甜甜’, and people in the entertainment industry including Liza Wang, Emperor Entertainment boss Albert Yeung and his artists, etc.

Nancy Sit has asked a Feng Shui master to plant a foundation to extend her life by twelve years. Before the trial of Nicholas Tse's lawsuit in 2002, his family gathered all of Nicholas Tse's favorite clothes, nails and hair, etc., and asked a Feng Shui master to plant a birthstone for him in Xingdao Lake, Guangxi. Miraculously in the end he was only sentenced to a community service order.

Although many people, including political and business celebrities did Zhong Sheng Ji (种生基), they are mostly unwilling to admit it or make it public. The following could be some reasons why:

1) Do not want to be labelled as superstitious, and they are afraid that others will know that their achievements and status are supported by the blessing of Sheng Ji 生基 Feng Shui.

2) They are worried that after the secret of Sheng Ji 生基 is revealed, they might have more competitors around.

3) In drastic cases, they are afraid that their Sheng Ji 生基 Feng Shui will be coveted or destroyed by others, resulting in the loss of good luck.

In conclusion, always approach the construction of the Sheng Ji with respect, reverence, and sensitivity since it is considered a cultural and religious ritual. It is a sacred and solemn undertaking that non-believers should also respect accordingly.

What is Zhong Sheng Ji (种生基) all about 3
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